Future Hop Track Notes

This is where I explain all my references and perhaps clear up some misunderstanding. While one of my goals is to not overwhelm people with obscure references, I find them very amusing. This guide should help you with the ones you don't get. In some cases, I may make obscure references in the liner notes. In such cases, Google is your friend.

That being said, I think you should probably listen to it all the way through first before reading this.

1. Intro Top

If you haven't played Bioshock, this skit will make no sense.

2. The Future Is Now Top

That distinctive bassline was created using Zephod's PlatinumFish, which is a native Buzz machine. It will function in FruityLoops using the BuzzMachine adaptor.

Zephod's handle is eerily similar to a prominent Mr. Beeblebrox of H2G2 fame. I mean, you probably know this already, but I had to explain it anyway.

For the record, referenced material include:

  • Mass Effect
  • Tron
  • Brazil

Jai Alai (pronounced hi-lie) is the type of mitts they used in one of the scenes in Tron.

3. A Completely Original Song Top

Read this:

Watch this:

That should explain it.

4. Preface Top

This song is heavily influenced by The Postal Service.

The chorus accurately captures the fun and nostalgia of my younger years.

Does somebody want to do a mash up of this and Shinigami's "It's Gone"? I would love it!

5. Flow vs. Content Top

Primarily directed towards rappers who are borderline nonsensical just to make as many rhymes as possible while at the same time acting snobbish about their lyrical proficiency. Not gonna name names here.

Beat by Hamster Alliance.

6. H2G2 Top

I really shouldn't have to explain this one, but I'll gloss over. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a popular book written by the late Douglas Adams. If you haven't read it, you need to.

I put a Cockney accent on the bartender. I thought it fitting.

There is a quick reference to the text based video game based on the book. If you don't eat the peanuts, you will die. In fact, if you don't do a lot of different things, you die. You're better off fighting the Grues with your bare hands. (Zork reference.)

I based the Vogon voice on the movie adaptation.

I attempted to quote the book verbatim for the interludes. I did consider editing out the phrase "failed to get off with" with the movie adjustment of "blew it with", as "get off" usually has a sexual connotation. I eventually just left it the way it was.

Contains a subtle Mos Def reference, who, as you may know, played Ford Prefect in the movie adaptation. Listen: Mos Def - Jam On It

Zephod's rap may be confusing if you haven't read the book. Here are my lyrics:

like david blaine I can explain the way I feign you
alcohol isn't to blame for laying claim to my brain glue
people always sayin I'm insane in the membrane
don't complain, cause I've retrained my brain for the campaign

Zaphod's rap translation:

“My mental condition is enigmatic, at best. However, like famed illusionist David Blaine, there is a logical reason that I think the way I do — and my apparent insanity is not the result of one too many Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters. People often say that I am insane, but don't complain about it, because I engineered my brain in such a way to win the presidential campaign.”

Once again, read the book for a better explaination. #bydhttmwfi

My apologies to followers of the great prophet Zarquon for taking his name in vain.

7. John Deere Top

philtr aka Phillip Ridlen aka MC Localhost guests on this. He's my brother, artist, part-time web designer, and backup dancer. [It's true. I've heard him say, “I know my song will be good when Phil does his ‘gay dance’ around the house.” –Phillip]

Beat by Hamster Alliance.

8. Jay Rock - Antisocial (cover) Top

Calling this song a cover is a bit of a misnomer. It's part parody, part cover, part radio edit, and part remix.

If you have the stomach for strong language, racial slurs, drug references, and sexual connotations, please watch the original video (YouTube).

My favorite line:

just to escape from stress, I watch the TV
sit so close to the screen I'm not able to see

I crack myself up.

9. Adsense Ambition Top

Originally released on Rhyme Torrents 8, in case you can't tell by the lyrics.

The second verse references nerdcore pioneer MC Plus+ and his track Chip Hop Nerd from the album Chip Hop.

The final verse was originally written for a competition in which I got last place (or something close). My flow rocks sometimes.

My favorite line:

Try to DoS me? Imma grab a sandwich
and then come back and put a cap in your bandwidth

10. Don't Blame Me Top

I am going for the MC Lars thing here.

I'm not so much a Libertarian as I am anti-the-bipartisan-system. We need a better voting system to accommodate multiple parties. Visit FairVote.

I don't normally do political songs, so don't hate me for my one song.

11. The Doctor is In Top

Doctor Who themed track. I won't explain everything here, but I’ll highlight some of the more obscure references:

The song is a sort of 4/4 remix of the Doctor Who theme song.

Morbius your death is pending
never challenge the doc to strip mind bending

I was going on multiple levels here. First Morbius is a villian in the Tom Baker era of Doctor Who. Secondly, it's a play on words with “Mobius Strip.” Finally, strip mind bending with the brain of morbius would result in his robotic shell being removed, he would probably die. I thought I was clever there.

Up a third, down a fourth, and back to the tonic. - The chord progression of the song. I'm not going to explain the music theory here.

12. Number 1 Poser Top

Not really going for any message here, but I guess my main point is that a lot of rappers try to be something that they are not, and it's really annoying. Anything past that is just me being goofy. I get goofy on the mic from time to time. That's just how I roll.

Beat by Hamster Alliance.

13. No Power in the Verse Top

Firefly references here. Plus a style parody of Jay-Z. If you want more explanation, you'll really need to watch all the episodes.

Goram is a made up swear word in the series. I also tried to use as much of the lingo as possible.

Beat by Jay-Z – 99 problems. I encourage you to listen to that song, as I parodied it cleverly in the second verse.

14. Guitar Hero Top

Pretty straight forward track here. It's about Guitar Hero.

This song has one of my most thematic backing tracks.

Favorite line:

Roses are red, and guns are blue
I defeated slash and I defeated lou [lou is the boss on GH3]
and if you diss on my track I'll defeat you too
and now I'm bored, I'm going back to guitar hero 2

15. Time Travel Top

Have you seen the movie Primer? If not, you really should watch it.

The little laser sounds indicate the direction of time travel. Low to high indicates travel to the future or from the past. High to low indicates travel to the past or from the future.

The panning should differentiate the different iterations of the character. Left is the past, right is the future.

References Eminem – Without Me

I am invincible – see the James Bond movie Goldeneye for context.

If you have any questions regarding the timeline of events, please refer to the attached flowchart.

16. Beefy, You Owe Me a T-Shirt* Top

True story. Beefy owed me a T-Shirt. [Beefy no longer owes me a T-Shirt]

Incrediboy / Syndrome – see The Incredibles.


  • Eminem - Stan
  • Beefy - Buy This CD

17. Future Hop Top

A play on words with the music genre Futurepop, an industrial sub-genre. The track samples VNV Nation, a popular artist in this genre.

The intro sample is taken from If Only I Were a Goth.

LART – luser attitude readjustment tool (Wikipedia)

Seabound - also another futurepop band

A million faces, a million lies
for each and all a chrome disguise
(lyrics from the song I sampled, Chrome)

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Special Thanks

I would like to thank the following people:

The Nerdcore Community, especially:

  • Z. From Hipster, Please major props for all the press you give me
  • Ultraklystron (aka Karl Olson) seriously, keep dropping new albums
  • The one dude who looks eerily similar to me.
  • Rhymetorrents.org I improved my production and lyrics thanks to you guys
  • DGJames
  • Random
  • YTCracker
  • Beefy who finally sent me my T-shirt

The Softcheese.net Crew, especially:

  • philtr (aka Phil Ridlen) For putting together the artwork and website, and guesting in John Deere
  • Kickehy (aka Brad Meyer) - For being a loyal friend and fan
  • Joseph Dunn The man who will probably be the reason I retire early
  • Thinman (aka Aaron Harlow) - gentleman, scholar, web developer, fan, and friend
  • cmoo92 (aka Caleb Unseth) - because he's awesome
  • Also brain, bobby, Sweeper, porkchop, gatesbe, chmod, and seamus

My old former coworkers from CI Host / Constellate (who do not necessarily endorse any of my music), especially:

  • Andrew who [used to host] my VPS
  • Barry who engaged in many heated nerf battles with me
  • Steve a true hacker and inventor
  • Kevin who likens me to "Weird Al meets MC Chris"
  • Bill who plays my Caffeine Trip video all the time and posts it all over Facebook
  • Jessica thanks for buying stickers
  • Evan juggalo to the core, also a fan of my music


  • TowelDay.org
  • Nerd-News.com
  • Hamster Alliance (aka Jamez Gillman) for providing many quality beats free of charge. Also, he is a fellow Buzz user.
  • My parents & grandparents
  • Douglas Adams
  • Doug Adams who hosts the iTunes album art embed script (this was a result of the improbability drive)
  • Nathan Fillion
  • Jewel Staite
  • Summer Glau
  • The Big Bang Theory (tv show) for lots of nerdy encouragement
  • Bobby Tables Bobby dropped the entire students table in the school's SQL database.
  • Jay-Z so far, has not sued me for using his beat from 99 problems (knock on wood).
  • DJ Mr. Rid for having the same name as me
  • * - Beefy no longer owes me a T-Shirt

Expressly not thanked:

  • Mr. Monk, my dog who keeps interrupting me when I'm trying to make music
  • Cylons frakkin' Cylons...

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