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Album Concepts and Theory 101

Hello, my name is Mark Ridlen. You may know me as Antisocial, or Antisoc.
  My purpose is to bring you up to speed on what this album is all about.
    The goal of this album was to have a dark sounding sci-fi themed album...

                                  I think I succeeded.

          The layout is simple: 7 vocal tracks and 7 instrumental tracks, alternating.
With the exception of one track, CP Violation,
            the instrumental tracks were originally for a project called Isotope Lab.
                                        Most of the tracks predate my foray into Nerdcore.

                       Isotope Lab has since fallen into disuse.

 Years later, the best of the Isotope Lab tracks have resurfaced on this album.
    Some of them are very complex musically.
        Commercial ventures were considered.
Isotope Labs was originally intended to be an industrial rap/rock project.
   My rapping ability at the time was limited.
       The original goal failed.

                                     ...or did it?

Here is a breakdown of what went into each song:

(01) Welcome
     This track is built using experimental speech synthesis on the internet.
     All the scripted speech was written by me, except for:
          Biological agent classifications.
          Radioactive isotope classifications.

(02) Gordon Freeman
     This track is over 8 minutes long. It details most of the Half Life storyline.
     Spoilers abound.
     It was a nightmare to mix and master.

(03) CP Violation (remix)
     This is a remix of track 2 from the Half Life 2 soundtrack.
     Originally written by Kelly Bailey
     Some artistic liberties were taken.
     It could almost be considered an original work.
     The two songs sound considerably different.

(04) Stranded
     Inspired mostly by Firefly, but also Cowboy Bebop.
     Getting stranded in space is not a great idea.

(05) Freeze
     This uses the same speech synthesis as Welcome.
     This song came together in just a few days.
     The piano part was written first.

(06) Lone Warrior
     The instrumental was originally released on Depressed Nerd.
     Pitch Correction was used for artistic effect.

(07) Infection
     I kept hearing the beat for this one in my head.
     Key ingredient: lots of reverb.
     Vocal Sample: Tom Cruise in Interview With the Vampire

(08) Make Some Noise
     Needed a loud song. I didn't really have any up to this point.
     Used whitenose generators for some of the drums. It's a nerd joke.

(09) Repentance
     This one showcases my ability to build up a wall of sound.

(10) Trippin Breakers
     As the intro states, it was inspired by Joe Dunn and Brad Meyer.
     Brad decided to make coffee and popcorn at the same time.
     Brad inadvertantly knocked out power to his room.
     Brad also knocked out Joe's Power.
     It was Joe's speech at Brad's wedding.
     It was a funny speech.

(11) Postal
     Featuring George H. W. Bush with "read my lips"
     This song is not a political statement.
     I really like the ending of this one.

(12) Final Defense
     Based loosely on the into for Zero Wing.
     I refrained from any ALL YOUR BASE jokes.
     I also refrained from any SOMEBODY SET UP US THE BOMB jokes.

(13) Clean Room
     I used a lot of the highly reverb'd atmospheric piano to great effect.
     This one should really rock your subs out.
     Sample courtesy of NASA.

(14) Remember My Name (Gordon Freeman)
     This one was written and recorded in about one afternoon (the original cut).
     It was since rerecorded. I think it sounds much better.
     Backup track provided by Half Life 2 Soundtrack #40 - Something Secret Steers Us.
     Written by Kelly Bailey.

Special Thanks and Shoutouts
Z of Hipster, Please!
Phil Ridlen, artist extrordinaire
Joe Dunn (not the webcomic artist)
Brad Meyer (aka Kickehy)
Aaron Harlow (aka Thinman)
the crew
the Travian Crew
the guy I janked the download button from
Kelly Bailey
Jason Kelley
"Charlie" of Jet City Rotation
Charlie the Unicorn
Salad Fingers, Homestar Runner
XKCD, Megatokyo, Dinosaur Comics, Perry Bible Fellowship
Valve and the Half Life team
Shawn Who
MC Lars
MC Frontalot
Doc Pop
Most of the Rhymetorrents community
Your Mom
Rick Astley
The Doctor (just "The Doctor")
Ford Prefect
Gordon Freeman
Why am I thanking fictional people?
Mom, Dad, Friends, Family (u no hoo u r)
Everyone who attended my live show

MILEY CIRUS JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE SCANDAL FREE SEXY PHOTOS COCAINE (ok that should give me a few accidental hits from Google)