Antisocial Personality Disorder

I just get angry sometimes. I don't have a problem.

Do I?

Wait. What was the name of this album. Antisocial Personality Disorder or White Colla Chryme? Oh well.

...they are both good names.

I guess WCC makes a better album cover.

Plus I don't like people anyways.

No offense.

Track info (brought to you in part by Mr. Nis):

(No Seriously) What's My Name
This song is mostly a response to Snoop Dogg - Who Am I? and Eminem - (pretty much every Eminem song)
MC Lars fans may notice a clever reference to "Hey That's Me"
I was pretty shameless in my namedropping in this one. It annoys me sometimes.
Crocs are awesome.

Caffeine Trip
My very first nerdcore song. No joke.
Written in part by Joseph Dunn, my partner in white colla chryme.
Balls to the wall - it is not referring to testicles - look up dat etimoligy 4 lyfe
Caffeine will cause you to hallucinate. Freaks me out.

Emergency Evacuation
On that RT Halloween compilation
Based on Resident Evil and Doom
I need to make more industrial pop like this

Camping is a Habit
Stunting may be habitual, but camping is an addiction
This one is pretty minimal for me
"Got your head on the hood and you blood on my doors" (butterfly doors, lol)
I'm gonna make camping cool again.

White Colla Chryme
This one really came together.
Office Space, ftw.

Antisocial Personality Disorder
I make that industrial pop music again.
I wrote and recorded this song in about 3 hours. No joke.
Mad respect to youtube and videojug for the sample.
If you really have APD, seek professional help.
I'm not antisocial, I'm just a little shy. Just like the xkcd shirt.

Special Thanks to:
God (faith is imortant to me)
Philtr (you are the man)
Kickehy (thanks for being my #1 fan)
Joseph (keep hacking)
Murdoc (word up home dog)
Caitlin (my future in law!)
Rozy ("the new weird al"? I'm flattered.)
Kimberly (music video?! eh? eh?)
Sweeper ( \o )
Porkchop (for much humor value)
cMoo92 (caleb UP - the UNseth)
Brain (i dont really know you, but you are cool in my book)
Z from (thanks for pimping out my tracks)
Z from Little Miss Gamer (are you single?)
Thinman (good luck with thinman jr.)
Seamus (pear sea moose)
Dan Flemming aka Flem (where you been man?)
Random (are you going to record that one verse for me?)
Steve Jobs (thanks for making the mac mini, it works great)
MC Lars (a major influence in case you can't tell)
YT Cracker (I hope I don't borrow too liberally from your bag of tricks)
Snoop Dogg (whoops nicked your style)
Eminem (I reference him way too much)
VNV Nation (Providing me with listening enjoyment)
Rob Dougan (ditto)
The Doctor (will return in...)
Will Smith (often hated and underestimated)
Dr Rhoda Hahn (for her work at UC Irvine)
mc chris (I kinda borrowed musical idea from The Tussin)
mc (mc.... ??)
frontalot (yeah shameless namedrop their) <- tsk tsk
Ozone 4 (although it cost 250 big ones, they should be thanking me)
O-Zone (numa numa)
Rode (because they make good mics)
The AML Album Download Page (that I shamelessly ripped off to make this page)