Rendering stem files for posterity (and remix!)

I’m doing something that I should have done a long time ago. I’m pulling up all my old Garageband files and locking all the tracks, and then saving them to my Dropbox. I haven’t touched my Mac Mini in years and I want to get these files digitally preserved before the hard drive bites the dust. I’ve already uploaded about 20GB and I think I have 150-200GB of stem tracks total (not just Antisoc). Glad I sprung for that 500GB hard drive on my Mac Mini, and glad I sprung for the 2TB RAID array on my desktop.

What does this mean for you?

Well, first of all I want to go back and fix a lot of the really terrible mixing on some of my old songs. Will this mean full albums that are re-mixed and remastered? Possibly. It’s a lot of work and I don’t have much time to spend on it.

Secondly, I want to make my vocal stem tracks available for those who want to remix them. I’m uploading them in the Garageband format. You can open them in Logic I believe. However, you can open the project like a folder and copy out the stem tracks as well as the original recorded audio files with no effects.

Will this mean that all the instrument tracks will be available for remix as well? Not necessarily. This house cleaning is happening on OS X / Garageband, which is what I used for the vocals. All of my instrumentals are created in Jeskola Buzz on Windows. Some of these old Buzz project files are not able to be opened anymore, so some of them may be lost to time. It’s not an easy process to output wav stems in older versions of Buzz. In any case, I have a VHD set up with my old Windows XP setup on it, so I can get to the old files as needed.

If you’re interested in doing a remix, email me or hit me up on facebook.

Antisoc – Sugar Rush – FREE DOWNLOAD

New Hosting

I recently migrated to a new VPS. If you see anything missing or out of place, let me know.

Caffiene Infographic

Caffeine use can be both beneficial in moderation (10% increase in longevity among moderate users, prevents certain types of cancer, boosts to alertness) and damaging in excess (heart problems). This is just a friendly reminder to use Caffeine responsibly and in moderation. Be safe and don’t be stupid.

Caffeinated Nation Infographic

Weev problems

One of my most notorious fans, Weev, apparently is in hot water for exploiting the AT&T API.

Time Travelling Internet Gangsters 4 Lyfe


I’ve been working with Soundcloud a lot, uploading some songs and stuff that I have been working on.


Because I feel like it… Free song!

Yes, I know I pretty much give all my tracks away. Here’s something you don’t have yet.

MC Lars – White Kids Aren\'t Hyphy (Antisoc Chemical Beat Remix) v2

I’m famous

I got a mention on the freeweev live journal:

Weev, as you may know is a famous hacker:

I’m not 100% sure on the connection there, but definitely cool to get a mention there!

New Self Titled Album

I am working on a new self titled album. I’d say it’s about 50% complete right now, and it will have a futuristic Tron feeling to it. Thanks to Philtr (aka my bro) for giving me a great album cover so I could start promoting it. I actually have a lot of songs that still need just a smidge of work that missed the cut for Future Hop. I just want to make sure this album is the best ever. If I have any B-sides, I’ll probably release them as a second EP.

As you can see I already have a substantial amount of tracks that are getting close.

Edit: I will be updating this list as the album progresses.

Tentatively confirmed tracks:
Join the Social
Sugar Rush (the long awaited sequel to Caffeine Trip)
Lifebar (needs some adjustments)
Voice (needs re-recorded)
Geek Ridin (IT Crowd theme rap remake)
The Grid (rap remix)
Gangsta’s Paradise (cover) (needs re-recorded)
CPTD (cyber punk till death)
Ninja Gaiden (feat. 2thirteen)
Tech Support
My Server is Down (needs re-recorded)
Funky Fresh (needs re-recorded)
MC Lars – White Kids Aren’t Hyphy (Antisoc Chemical Beat Remix)
One More Time (rap remix)

In progress:
Guardian Angel

Still deciding:
Torvalds Revolution (a parody of Bill Gates Revolution)
Nerdish by Nature (woot cover)
Mission Impossible (needs a lot of work on the lyrics)

Farmville Web Chat Episode 6

The next installment of Farmville Web Chat is up: