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New Host and Some Updates…

I have moved my site to a VPS host (I’m beta testing for beyondweb.net). Previously, I have been using a free server from work, and if I quit or lose my job for any reason, that server will go down. I don’t have near as much space, but it’s not like I was using all that much space before. Z, on the other hand… 😉

In other news, I have 2 new songs released on the Rhymetorrents9 compilation. Get them here. One song is an annoying techno song featuring a sample from Random. The other is a high-speed, 5 minute long exposé on the voice acting industry.

I will be releasing an album on Towel Day 2010. There are at least 13 tracks finalized so far, so come rain or shine, I WILL BE RELEASING IT ON TIME!! (hey that rhymes). Album art to be provided by the amazing Phil Ridlen. Stay tuned for more info.

Music Featured in Sci-Fi Book Trailer

My song “Robot Space Party” from my Introspective Journeys artist page is to be featured on a book trailer for the Sarah Wagner science fiction book Hardwired Humanity, which is (to my understanding) a collection of short stories. You can watch the trailer on YouTube.

On a side note, Anomalous Materials Laboratory is coming along nicely, and I keep hearing little things I want to change. Still solid for an Oct. 1 release date.

Just when I was getting ready to unleash the fury…

…I contract a head cold that reduces my ability to hit the high notes. I can’t do a dang thing right now. I feel ok, but I can’t sing or rap. This is going to delay the recording a week or two.

I recorded one more single that I made in about 4 hours time (start to finish). It’s a vertical scrolling shooter themed song based loosely on Zero Wing, but without the “all your base” and “someone set up us the bomb!” references.



April Fools

Despite my best efforts, I managed to be fooled quite a few times. The best prank was when I thought my mouse wasn’t working. I messed with it quite a bit, until I finally realized there was a piece of electrical tape blocking the optical from tracking the motion. Good one John.