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New Host and Some Updates…

I have moved my site to a VPS host (I’m beta testing for beyondweb.net). Previously, I have been using a free server from work, and if I quit or lose my job for any reason, that server will go down. I don’t have near as much space, but it’s not like I was using all that much space before. Z, on the other hand… 😉

In other news, I have 2 new songs released on the Rhymetorrents9 compilation. Get them here. One song is an annoying techno song featuring a sample from Random. The other is a high-speed, 5 minute long exposé on the voice acting industry.

I will be releasing an album on Towel Day 2010. There are at least 13 tracks finalized so far, so come rain or shine, I WILL BE RELEASING IT ON TIME!! (hey that rhymes). Album art to be provided by the amazing Phil Ridlen. Stay tuned for more info.

We Can’t Have These Posts by the “admin” User, Now Can We?

I added a user called “antisoc” that I will be posting with from now on. Just so you know that it’s me and not one of my many lackeys. And I have a lot of lackeys.

The Site is Finally Live!

Everything is looking good with the new site layout. I now have a wordpress blog that I can use, so you can get more regular updates from me regarding my new albums. I’ve been too busy to work on music the past couple weeks, but things should pick up in the next couple weeks since I’m becoming poor again (too much eating out).

First Post!

Welcome to the new site layout. Things are going to change around here. For those 2 people who faithfully check the site for updates, this is your lucky day.