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New Host and Some Updates…

I have moved my site to a VPS host (I’m beta testing for beyondweb.net). Previously, I have been using a free server from work, and if I quit or lose my job for any reason, that server will go down. I don’t have near as much space, but it’s not like I was using all that much space before. Z, on the other hand… 😉

In other news, I have 2 new songs released on the Rhymetorrents9 compilation. Get them here. One song is an annoying techno song featuring a sample from Random. The other is a high-speed, 5 minute long exposé on the voice acting industry.

I will be releasing an album on Towel Day 2010. There are at least 13 tracks finalized so far, so come rain or shine, I WILL BE RELEASING IT ON TIME!! (hey that rhymes). Album art to be provided by the amazing Phil Ridlen. Stay tuned for more info.

Anomalous Materials Laboratory – Oct 1st

I just finished the absolute final touches on the new album. It will be out Oct 1st as previously planned. 4 more days to go.

Music Featured in Sci-Fi Book Trailer

My song “Robot Space Party” from my Introspective Journeys artist page is to be featured on a book trailer for the Sarah Wagner science fiction book Hardwired Humanity, which is (to my understanding) a collection of short stories. You can watch the trailer on YouTube.

On a side note, Anomalous Materials Laboratory is coming along nicely, and I keep hearing little things I want to change. Still solid for an Oct. 1 release date.

Anomalous Materials Laboratory – RELEASE DATE!

I always said that AML would be released when HL2 Episode 3 was released. This was because I was still in the very early stages of making the album and didn’t want to set any definite release date. I thought when I finally got the album complete, Valve would be about done with it, and I could release it same day.


I am aiming for an October release date. I plan to have everything wrapped up on the album in a few days time, with some extra time for that final polishing touch.


I am not going to be releasing the vast number of songs on this album that I originally planned. Here is my reasoning:

  • The songs themselves are very different in nature. I’m splitting the album up over 2-3 different releases that each have a more cohesive theme.
  • I am probably a month away from finishing all the tracks originally slated for AML. This allows me to release music more gradually for more impact.
  • Your ISP would hate you for downloading the whole 350MB album (probably around 80 minutes worth)
  • I have album art provided by the extremely talented Philtr aka MC Localhost aka Phil Ridlen aka my brother. This allows for more hyper awesome album art.

The first release will indeed be called Anomalous Materials Laboratory, and will include all my Half Life themed tracks, as well as a collection of sci-fi themed instrumentals, and some other songs that I thought would fit the mood of that release. Expect a very worthwhile album!

And fear not! I will be eventually releasing Depressed Nerd 2.0 and Captcha. Hopefully before years end, but I’m not making any solid release dates for those yet.

Just when I was getting ready to unleash the fury…

…I contract a head cold that reduces my ability to hit the high notes. I can’t do a dang thing right now. I feel ok, but I can’t sing or rap. This is going to delay the recording a week or two.

I recorded one more single that I made in about 4 hours time (start to finish). It’s a vertical scrolling shooter themed song based loosely on Zero Wing, but without the “all your base” and “someone set up us the bomb!” references.



Why are the album releases taking so long?

I have often asked myself the same question. I take all too much time to get stuff done. Here is a breakdown of what I’ve been up to:

Anomalous Materials Laboratory

Isotope – Welcome v2 – status: finalized
Gordon Freeman – status: finishing touches
Half-Life Soundtrack – CP Violation – remix – status: finishing touches
Remember My Name (gordon freeman) – status: finalized
Stranded – status: finishing touches
Isotope – Freeze v2 – status: finalized
Lone Warrior – status: unrecorded
Isotope – Infection (outbreak mix) – status: finalized
Make Some Noise – status: finalized
Number 1 Poser – status: needs recorded
John Deere – status: needs to be re-recorded
Isotope – Repentance – status: finalized
Preface – status: finishing touches
Trippin Breakers – status: needs one or more verses
Deoderant – status: needs one or more verses
Isotope – Postal – status: finalized
Binazzlephone – status: finishing touches
H2G2 – status: unrecorded
Isotope – Clean Room – status: finalized
Flow vs Content – status: needs re-recorded
Everybody (oldskool mix) – status: finalized
One More Time – status: unrecorded
Internet Killed the Video Store – status: unrecorded
Bonus Track – Outfoxed “the ballad of rhymetorrents” rework – status: unrecorded

So as you can see, I have everything written out for the most part on that album, with the exception of a couple verses that need some work.  I still can’t give an exact release date, but probably before the summer, unless something drastic happens.

Captcha – covers, remixes, etc.

Beefy Feeling Studly (an intro) – Cover
Ultryklystron – Nerdcore Life – Cover
MC Router – Emulation Station – Rework
Jet City Rotation – Redhead Sally – Rap Remix
MC Lars – Hurricane Fresh – Cover
Frankie Castle – Ill Guerilla – Remix
Beefy – Internet Celebrity – Cover
Linkin Park – In The End – Cover
CK – Atom sparks – Cover
Ultraklystron – Start the Pwnage – Cover
Beefy – Rockopolousaninjananophone (the eternal vishnu cycle) – Remix
Shael Riley – Bit Pop – Glitchpop Remix
Ultraklystron – Gleam – Cover

That’s pretty much my tracklist. It’s probably going to be better than my full album, so we’ll see what happens with that. One or two of the songs need some work, but for the most part it’s all completed.  I may be adding Gangsta’s Paradise to the tracklist as well. Actually, I probably will. Scratch that, it’s on the album for sure. This will probably be my next release.
Depressed Nerd 2.0

I released a couple tracks that were redone, but for the most part I’ve been working on new material rather than wasting my time re-recording the old. This project is currently on the back burner. It will get done. Eventually. Hopefully this year.

Add to the list that I’ve also been hard at work on the new site. I needed a real website, and I finally knuckled down and made one. With the help of WordPress and their lovely third party templates.

And phpbb. Plz join teh forum kthxbai