Future Hop Release

It’s now up at the Downloads page.

Or just jump right there.

5 Responses to “Future Hop Release”

  1. What an album! Great work I have been enjoying it all morning. I really REALLY like Preface! A Completely Original Song is also a cool one!
    Thanks for the download!

  2. I’ve tried a couple times to download the album but keep getting the message that the zipped file is “invalid or corrupted” – will try again in a couple hours but starting to lose hope over having it for towel day! =(

  3. Sorry – I’m trying to tweak my apache configuration. It stops working for no apparent reason.

  4. Thank for the new album, Antisoc!! Loving it (natch). By the way, I’ve put the lyrics up on your LyricWiki page. Hope you don’t mind.

    Also, some of the lyrics are missing from your lyrics page, as shown by the LyricWiki page. Are they coming, or a pipe dream?

  5. I didn’t realize that, I’ll put my lyrics up for White Colla Chryme when I get the chance.

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