Ultraklyston – Romance Language 2 – Review

Here is my track by track breakdown

1) Past Date Poetry – This song is pretty good, although somewhat minimal for my taste. It feels more like the oldschool Ultraklystron sound from previous albums. It makes for a good start to the album, but it’s not the best song on the album…

2) Shuttea – This song is awesome. First of all, the instrumentation is awesome, it’s like a combination between Fort Minor and Hybrid (a hybrid of the two, one might say). That piano part is very awesome. The lyrics are solid and hard hitting as well.

3) Perfect White Knight – From the catchy chorus to the mellow backing track, this is one of my favorites on the album.

4) Scan Your Eyes – I’m not too sold on the instrumentation here. Mainly it’s the bleepy part that comes in at the vocals. It just sounds bad. It’s not a bad song otherwise, but that pretty much ruins it for me.

5) Polygonous Polygamy – From the hard hitting track to the catchy hook to the well written lyrics, this track is one of my favorites. This sounds really good in my car.

6) Warmth – The R&B flavor is great. I keep humming this at random times. Definitely one of the catchier songs on the album.

7) Funhouse Mirror – I don’t really like this for the same reason as Scan Your Eyes. It doesn’t have enough musical flesh to really interest me. Then again, I’m not really all that down with the detroit / minimal stuff as much.

8 ) Aim 4 The Top – I like this one. I wish there was less of that bagpipe sound, or that it would drop out sometimes, but it does give this track a Boards of Canada feel to it. One of the best overall songs. This one has staying power.

9) Distant Star – I wish there was something to carry the chord progression other than the atmospheric pads. Other than that, this is one of my favorites. I like the heavily distorted drum sounds. This sounds ultra futuristic, which of course is right up my alley.

10) Congratulations – This one the minimal sounds really works for. The bass sounds great on this one. Lyrics, music, everything is solid on this track.

11) On Your Six – This feels like more the old style (like track 1). Not bad but then again I don’t really like the minimal stuff as much. The hook is pretty catchy.

12) Neverending – I love that bass. The lyrics really play of this track very well. The rhythm feels a little slow for the hook, but still one of the better tracks on the album.

13) That One – I don’t really like that high pitched synth all that much (could have been toned down a little), but this song really pumps. Catchy hook (I catch myself humming it all the time), the lyrics are solid and the lyrical meter is rock steady.

14) Second Place – This is a solid song, musically very good, although nothing all that out of the ordinary for an Utra K album. What makes this song great is the subject matter.

15) Sweetest – Catchy pop feel to this one. Solid song.

16) The Dream Designed – If there is any song that needs a grittier remix on the album, this is it. This would sound great with an instrumentation like Shuttea has. Definitely one of my favorite tracks, but could still stand some improvement. The chorus is probably my favorite on the album.

17) Feature Creep – Technically and subjectively speaking, this one of the best songs on the album. The catchy lyrics paired with the shuffled beat make for a downright awesome track. I would love to hear a mash up of this and Beefy’s entry to the Feature Creep contest.

18) Sweetest (Jazzstep remix) – Gives the original a different sound. I certainly wouldn’t call it any better or worse than the original.

19 & 20) The last two songs are also remixes (of Perfect White Knight and The Dream We Designed), I liked em, but not as much as the originals. I suppose that’s me being picky.

This review may seem somewhat negative, but really this is Karl still at the top of his game doing exactly what he does best. Despite some minor artistic choices that don’t exactly jive with me, I still have this on constant repeat in my car. My fingers are crossed for a remix EP of this album. This album is definitely worth the purchase.

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