Anomalous Materials Laboratory – RELEASE DATE!

I always said that AML would be released when HL2 Episode 3 was released. This was because I was still in the very early stages of making the album and didn’t want to set any definite release date. I thought when I finally got the album complete, Valve would be about done with it, and I could release it same day.


I am aiming for an October release date. I plan to have everything wrapped up on the album in a few days time, with some extra time for that final polishing touch.


I am not going to be releasing the vast number of songs on this album that I originally planned. Here is my reasoning:

  • The songs themselves are very different in nature. I’m splitting the album up over 2-3 different releases that each have a more cohesive theme.
  • I am probably a month away from finishing all the tracks originally slated for AML. This allows me to release music more gradually for more impact.
  • Your ISP would hate you for downloading the whole 350MB album (probably around 80 minutes worth)
  • I have album art provided by the extremely talented Philtr aka MC Localhost aka Phil Ridlen aka my brother. This allows for more hyper awesome album art.

The first release will indeed be called Anomalous Materials Laboratory, and will include all my Half Life themed tracks, as well as a collection of sci-fi themed instrumentals, and some other songs that I thought would fit the mood of that release. Expect a very worthwhile album!

And fear not! I will be eventually releasing Depressed Nerd 2.0 and Captcha. Hopefully before years end, but I’m not making any solid release dates for those yet.

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