New Self Titled Album

I am working on a new self titled album. I’d say it’s about 50% complete right now, and it will have a futuristic Tron feeling to it. Thanks to Philtr (aka my bro) for giving me a great album cover so I could start promoting it. I actually have a lot of songs that still need just a smidge of work that missed the cut for Future Hop. I just want to make sure this album is the best ever. If I have any B-sides, I’ll probably release them as a second EP.

As you can see I already have a substantial amount of tracks that are getting close.

Edit: I will be updating this list as the album progresses.

Tentatively confirmed tracks:
Join the Social
Sugar Rush (the long awaited sequel to Caffeine Trip)
Lifebar (needs some adjustments)
Voice (needs re-recorded)
Geek Ridin (IT Crowd theme rap remake)
The Grid (rap remix)
Gangsta’s Paradise (cover) (needs re-recorded)
CPTD (cyber punk till death)
Ninja Gaiden (feat. 2thirteen)
Tech Support
My Server is Down (needs re-recorded)
Funky Fresh (needs re-recorded)
MC Lars – White Kids Aren’t Hyphy (Antisoc Chemical Beat Remix)
One More Time (rap remix)

In progress:
Guardian Angel

Still deciding:
Torvalds Revolution (a parody of Bill Gates Revolution)
Nerdish by Nature (woot cover)
Mission Impossible (needs a lot of work on the lyrics)

4 Responses to “New Self Titled Album”

  1. Hey Antisoc! Me and my friends are really anticipating this album! I read about it and for the past couple weeks people have been telling me “Did you know Antisoc is making a new album?”. I really love your music because of the amount of electronica included with it. I honestly don’t like most nerdcore artists but your music is different, more like Nerdtronica instead of Nerdcore Hiphop :).

  2. When will this be released?

  3. Thanks for the kind words. I am still working on it, although it has been about 90 degrees in my studio bedroom, so this is postponed till the Texas weather cools down. Hard to say exactly, but probably sometime this year? I hope?

  4. Nice to see that you’re still kicking. Can’t wait until this comes out, you’re the best artist ever. Ever.

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