Because I feel like it… Free song!

Yes, I know I pretty much give all my tracks away. Here’s something you don’t have yet.

MC Lars – White Kids Aren\'t Hyphy (Antisoc Chemical Beat Remix) v2

4 Responses to “Because I feel like it… Free song!”

  1. I think I like this remix the best (I really like MC Lars with the exception of Lars Attacks).

    Do you go on IRC at all? If so, what servers? I host my own network and have been for a while. We have lots of antisocial people there 😉 lol.

    Looking forward to summer being over! I think my favourite song is Double Standard, I hope there’s songs like that on it! (I also really like A Completely Original Song)

  2. I hang out on #lobby sometimes, but I really don’t get on there much, since I work nights.

  3. im probably just dumb and dont know what to do,but if im able to download this song, how exactly do I do it

  4. Right click -> save as…

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