It’s about time I started a page to collect the positive (and potentially negative) reviews about my music. I’ve come a long way from the virtual unknown artist that I once was. Thanks to some better recording gear, better skills, and an increased interest in nerdcore, untold thousands have heard my music. Last I checked, the mp3 download count was close to 30,000. That’s just since last spring when I changed servers. Thanks to each and every one of my fans. I still personally respond to all fan email, so if you like what you hear, feel free to drop me a note.

Nick Spacek, writer for The Pitch’s “Wayward Blog” writes this:

Even if you’re not into nerdcore hip hop, today is absolutely the one day you should take a listen to Antisoc’s new album, Futurehop. That’s because today is Towel Day, the annual tribute to the passing of author Douglas Adams, author of the Dirk Gently novels, as well as this underground thing called the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Specifically, Futurehop has a song entitled “HG2G,” which condenses the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy into a nine-minute epic.

Z, of Hipster Please answers “what is your favorite Antisoc song?”:
I’ve had the good fortune to listen more of Soc’s stuff than probably anyone else. More importantly, this has given me the opportunity to hear not just his artistic evolution, but the development of individual tracks themselves.

For a long time I would’ve simply answered this question – at least with regard to Mark’s hip-hop joints – with a resounding “Remember My Name,” but the new Future Hop album has totally blown his previous efforts out of the water. It’s pretty satisfying from start to finish, but my personal faves are the title track and “No Power in the Verse.” (The latter I actually featured on my podcast just last week.)

GM4A review:
Antisoc has released a new album, FROM THE FUTURE! Bringing you all some tasty Nerdcore music to upload into your inventory, you will be pleasantly fulfilled. For those of you who don’t know who he is (shame on you!), he is an artist who has been involved with the online Nerdcore community for a while now. He has released 3 albums, “Depressed Nerd“, “Anomalous Materials Laboratory“, and “White Colla Chryme“, and has remixed YTCracker’s tracks.

With various electronic beats layered on with a snarky-tude (yes I combined the word attitude with snarky) Antisoc creates music that anyone can move their body to. It’s heavy and it hits hard, but in a loving way! He covers all things that are nerdy and that are future like partying up on Guitar Hero, Time traveling, letting you know how to say his name correctly, and space is really really big. The intro is hilarious to any gamer as well. My personal favorites on this album are definitely “Adsense Ambition” and “Future hop”. “Adsense Ambition” is great! It has what I usually love in a Nerdcore track, nerd pride! Great lyrics with a funky beat, it was love at first listen. Now “Future Hop” is just a lot of fun! Bringing together nerds and goths, the party never stops! Antisoc shows his passion as a goth and a nerd. The chorus is probably my favorite part!

“Future Hop” is Antisoc best release yet, in my opinion. He has a lot of rockin tracks that will appease to anyone who has a little bit of nerd/geek running through their veins. Download this now for free and turn up the volume to all of these awesome tracks! This rap game is his, and he is taking it back. PS – Beefy, you owe him a t-shirt.

Twitter reviews:

“I’m getting really into nerdcore rap lately. MC Frontalot is insanely awesome. MC Chris and Antisoc are really good too.” –AgoraLocoPhobic

“nerdcore, blip-blop, chiptune… check out names like MC Plus+, MCHawking, Antisoc and Optimus Rhyme” –JayMoretti

“My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Antisoc (46), B-Type (21) & Atmosphere (19)” –Kalashed

“AntiSoc’s intro for “Future Hop” is HILARIOUS for Bioshock fans. Get the album free here:” –Nerraux

“Downloaded @antisocialraps album futurehop. Great music man! TY! To the rest of ya, Download b4 he wises up and charges” –Orangetiki