Antisoc (pronounced anti-sosh) is Mark Ridlen, a CIS major and frequent collaborator in the online music community. He reboots servers by day and raps by night. He resides in Bedford, TX and has no pets or plants. He will most likely die at a young age from carpal tunnel syndrome or some other repetitive stress injury.

Mark Ridlen has been involved creating electronic music of all sorts for roughly 10 years. He has remixed YTCracker under the alias Introspective Journeys, which can be found on the Nerdrap Entertainment System page (alternately you may download the song at the soundclick page). Not content to simply remix songs, he covers many of his favorites, including “Welcome to the Machine,” and “Fascination Street” at his Truth and Regret music page. His other side project Isotope Lab delves into sci-fi storytelling put to an agressive electronica backdrop. Lastly, his project Antisocial is an effort to help solidify a subgenre filled with poor production values and lackluster rapping skills. But more importanly to “get crazy bling.”

For his debut nerdcore album, “Depressed Nerd,” he takes a much different approach to music creation. Instead of composing the music himself, he sampled it from Depeche Mode (among others). This is, in many ways, more difficult than creating an original song. These loops are then sequenced and augmented with his own drum and synth programming. In hexadecimal.

In his second album, Anomalous Materials Laboratory, he brings in previously unreleased material from Isotope Lab, and matches it with new rap songs for a futuristic album that touches on everything from video games to space adventures. Three of the albums songs are centered around the Half Life universe, where the album gets it’s name from.

He then revisited Depressed Nerd and re-recorded many of the songs for a more professional sound. This was released as Depressed Nerd 2.0.

For his third album, he released a short EP entitled “White Colla Chryme.” Contained in this album are 5 solid tracks with no filler material. From the nerdy style-parody Snoop Dogg in “(No Seriously) What’s my Name?” to the ever popular “Caffeine Trip,” to the dysfunctional “Antisocial Personality Disorder,” there is something for everyone on this release.

On Towel Day 2010, Mark plans his biggest release ever, “Future Hop.” Stay tuned for more information.