My server is getting hammered

Sorry guys – my server is being hammered with requests. I am needing to restart apache about every 2-3 minutes. Sorry if this is killing your downloads.

Future Hop Release

It’s now up at the Downloads page.

Or just jump right there.

Almost there… Almost there… (explosion)

While you pour some blue milk on the ground for Red Leader, I just want to give you all an update on when the release is happening.

Future Hop should go live tomorrow morning sometime after I get home from working the night shift (!!!). I know it’s a towel day release, but I want to make sure you can actually listen to it on towel day. The website is finished and is ready to go live at a moment’s notice.


Future Hop goes live early!

Go check it out now before I change my mind!!

Once you quit swearing and come back here to post your angry comments, it will actually go live Monday night.

Future Hop review –

Thanks again to for (favorably) reviewing my latest album.

Read about it here.

Just a quick update – there are a total of 15 tracks (not counting the intro track). I may record the 16th track if I have time between now and towel day. And on a completely 100% related side note, if you are Beefy, you better send me that T-shirt you owe me. Consider yourself warned.

BeyondWeb VPS Hosting

If anyone is interested in VPS hosting, I recommend It’s where I do my VPS hosting.

I personally have worked with the admins, and I can vouch for their knowledge and expertise.

Prerelease copy of Future Hop

Who wants a prerelease copy of Future Hop?

If your answer was “me”, please check that at least one of the following is true:

  • You have either made a donation or purchased stickers from my merch link.
  • You are a blogger and you wish to review my album.
  • You are a podcaster and you wish to leak one of my tracks.
  • You are a record label that wishes to pay me countless millions of dollars for the rights to the songs contained on Future Hop.

If any of those are true, please let me know and I will send you a prerelease copy of Future Hop.

The hoopy froods over at were nice enough to promote my upcoming album!

You can now stay afloat of the latest towel day news and events! You should check it out!

14 tracks confirmed

I am holding off on recording any new tracks until I finalize the mastering on the current 14 tracks. I have some EQ / mastering issues that I am trying to clear up, and after that I will begin recording other bonus tracks.

< 100 days till album release.

Don’t Panic.