An American girl has a webcam chat with a starving boy from Africa.

I just think it would be such an awesome opportunity for Americans to be able to reach out to the world and have incredibly eye opening conversations with people from third world countries. Wouldn't that be incredible?

This is liek chat roulette LOL!
I suppose it is. So what's your story?
Dang girl, you're kinda hot. In an annoying hipster kinda way. So yeah I've been pretty busy today.
Oh yeah, what do you do?
I play WoW all the time. I just finished power leveling my new character.
Aren't you like a starving child or something?
Starving? Shoot woman, I'm rich. You know how much WoW gold sells for on the internet? Not much in USD. But in Somali shillings, I'm a millionaire.
Nice!! So do you sell drugs too?
No, no, I don't sell drugs. Well, I did unload a few kilos of heroin last week, but that was a busy week, and I mean let's face it... 8.5 kilos is small time.

So how much heroin is in a kilo?


January 15th, 2010

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