Mourning the Loss of What Could Have Been.
Warning: truth may be hard to swallow.

Truth. Absolute truth. The last bastion of refuge when all else is taken away. When removed, there is nothing left to hold to. Truth becomes relative, feeble, and based on popular opinion. Each man does what is right in his own eyes. Moral chaos ensues. Darkness is allowed to flourish. It is the end of all that is right and holy.

Regret. The painful knowledge that if you had done something differently, things would have turned out better. If these feelings are dwelt on, it will destroy you. If you regard the past with respect to the future, it will make you a better person.

Truth and Regret. These concepts combined are the lyrical basis for the futurepop project of the same name. Philisophical content. Looking into the future while staying mindful of the past. Music that is both inspiring and unrelenting. This is Truth and Regret.

Music Downloads
VNV Nation - Holding On (Truth and Regret version) - mp3
Apoptygma Berzerk - You Keep Me From Breaking Apart (Truth and Regret version) - mp3
We Are Perfect In Our Dreams - mp3
We Are Perfect In Our Dreams Directors Cut (much better) - mp3
Give Me a Moment - mp3
I like to pretend - mp3
The Stink - mp3
The Cure - Fascination Street (Truth and Regret version) - mp3

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Truth and Regret is written and produced by Mark Ridlen. All original songs are copyrighted by Mark Ridlen, but please remix, cover, and distribute them at your leasure, and don't sell it without permission. All cover songs remain the property of their respective owners. Truth and Regret does not necessarily accept the ideologies presented in songs that are covered. Cover songs are fully unlicensed and unsold. Think of them as a fan tribute. Please don't sue me.